We get some pretty good wind this time of year from over the foothills and mountains.  Sometimes I will lie in bed, praying the roof doesn’t blow off.  I’ve been known to get out of bed late at night and go on the deck with my spot light to make sure funnel clouds are not visible – like it would do any good, right?

This last spring we put up a new play set for the grandchildren; which has been swarmed on from time to time, a great hit.

Today, this is what it looks like after a few gusts of high wind.

11-20-2015 Swing Set

You are looking at the bottom of the set, highest in the air, the slide used to be in the front.  This play set is upside down and twisted 180 degrees.  I’ve got some work to do when the wind subsides.

This was a pretty heavy set, anchored by its own weight.  I’m sure those involved in actual tornadoes would mock this analogy, so please forgive my attempt, though I admit my loss was small.  Thank goodness the grandkids were not swarming the set when the gusts arrived – tender mercy.

I got to thinking about what could have prevented this from happening.  It became clear to me that some concrete footers with anchor hooks attached to the set, would have easily solved this problem.  Maybe even a couple of guy-wires to the trees.  It would have taken a few more hours of work, and a few more bucks.  I will have to do this now anyway when I wright this ship.

I think we often make our lives vulnerable in many personal ways by not doing a better job of laying the foundations; and by not investing just a little more in the early phases.  This applies to relationships, to developing habits of success, to delaying a needed change, to waiting a little longer before taking the plunge.  Until the winds of life come howling, we are just fine; we put off what we don’t have time for.  Eventually, the tasks on our choice list disappear if they don’t need to be addressed today.  Forgotten until the wind blows.

So here is a little visual encouragement to keep developing those good habits until they really are habitual, to spend some more one on one with your significant other, to be patient just a little longer, to anchor the things that matter so we are not caught by surprise by the winds of life.

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