You might not believe what is in our compost pile; from rabbit, horse and cow droppings to the remains of chickens, vegies, weathered grass, hay, cardboard, food, etc.  Over the months, this pile of materials, often referred to in more colorful terms, decays, smolders, smells  and acts like not much is happening; but it is actually a living organism.

I get to turn this pile and make it look neat from time to time; I enjoy watching these materials steam as they generate their own heat and decompose.  The material becomes finer and finer until it is sort of like dirt.  Sounds sort of biblical doesn’t it?

Then in the spring, this pile of wonder is ready to be applied (spread) over the newly tilled gardens where it catapults growth.  This pile of wonder is the elixir of life.  Think of it, what was once discarded, and in most households is thrown away, becomes a source for new life and makes the new life a much richer product.

Perhaps sometimes in our weakness or just down right stooper, we ponder our current value and question our contribution.  For those who are aging and wonder their relevance, it’s not an easy transition to prepare for retirement or even a different phase of life, job, career, or relationship.  My advice, remember the “pile of wonder” and realize that underneath the surface a powerful change is occurring;  It’s not “rot” or a pile of you know what—-no there is magic happening and when the day that magic is released, BOOM new life begins.

turning the compost

There are many other analogies I conjure up as relates to my compost pile; I am actually smiling now as I ponder that which I ought not to put in print.  In any event, know you are never beyond rebirth.  You are about as relevant as you make yourself, and even in life’s transitions, there is always hope for a brighter day—even one in which the composition of who you are or have been meets the soil that will produce who you are about to become.


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