Pressing Forward

As another year opens, I am reminded about this wonderful process we call “life”. It has a beginning and an end; it consists only of memories, the present, and the future. Our daily journey is marked by time.

For many years, I collected the shoes of our children as they grew. When they retired a pair of shoes, they took their place on a shelf in my office.   During a move from one house to another, the box of shoes went missing, and I only have a couple of the pairs left.

I thought of this over the holidays when I observed another line of shoes of a grandchild, placed on a window ledge by his mother.

PressingForward(2) PressingForward(1)

The shoes pictured in the window seal await action; they will be filled shortly, and depending on the weather and occasion, will mark progress. The pair shown on the stair banister is all I have left of the kids growing up years; these shoes will never be worn again, but hold cherished memories of what was once laughter, action, perhaps even chaos.

Another beautiful consideration of the children’s shoes is the bright eyes and innocence they represent. New steps, every trail is a brand new adventure, the scars on their toes indicate the path was not always rosy, and required a few bumps and bruises to blaze the trail. Still, they bumbled their way forward with faith, and without fear or reservation.

I want to look at 2015 like this. We will enter many pathways; hopefully all pointing in the right direction; though not without some risk. There will be challenges that may leave a scar or two, but in the end, we’ll grow into and even out of our shoes; re-shod our feet and keep moving on. I hope we can find the freshness of innocence as a child as we embark on new frontiers.

Press Forward is a term I love; so let us be about embracing the journey, remembering the lessons of the past, but still seeking new adventures, relationships, meaning and purpose. Happy New Year 2015!


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