What Goes Around, Comes Around

The farm teaches many lessons; one such lesson I will share regarding a recent predator. The farm is actually run by my daughter and son-in-law, who are building a sustainable farm which includes chickens. I’m a farm hand.

On a Sunday afternoon when they were gone to Church, a fox came calling. There are a handful of chickens that are not included in the standard pasture rotation where some protection such as electric fences are afforded. They roam wherever they desire and are guarded by one large, supreme rooster. Cock of the walk baby (as Christopher Walken once said).

He must have fought the enemy valiantly, though he did not emerge without life-threatening injuries.

He might not make it. He saved all but two of his harem. Arriving in time to chase the fox away; the chicken hospital ward added two patients that day.

That night, a live trap was set, with one of the chickens the fox had killed. Sure enough, the next day he returned to the scene of his crime, and was now trapped with the bird he had killed. It must have been sad for him to watch the dead bird all day, gathering flies the life cycle began. The fox was now sleeping in the bed he had made for himself and didn’t much like it.

Sometimes in our lives, we do stupid things. Sometimes we return to the same path and repeat the stupid things. Returning, doesn’t improve the situation; in fact, often times, just like the fox discovered, the results can be very disappointing.

If we are lucky enough to escape our stupid acts, we ought to give it a second thought before returning to the same scene. Sometimes we might get lucky, but the one time we don’t, could be deadly. We ought to learn from the past and move beyond our own stupidity. Easier said than done.

What goes around, comes around is certainly true also. Should our behaviors be less than uplifting to the world around us, and we perform our labors in a manner in which our pride rises above the tender hearts of those we serve; beware. The natural traps of life will catch up to the acts of selfishness, greed, and pride.