Fountain of Youth

At the end of a hot summer Colorado day, I followed my grandson around the yard after dinner. He is at that stage where he pokes out his tummy, his rear is equally pushed in the opposite direction, and he kind of rolls on his fat little baby feet; teetering like he is about to fall at any moment, but somehow keeps his awkward balance.

I marveled at his unfettered interest in things and his willingness to take chances; all while I am acting as a human shield to keep him from falling off of steps which to us would be like falling ten feet. The sprinkler repair crew was just finishing up and had the front sprinklers on a test. He simply walked into the middle of the action and laughed as the sprinklers rained on him every few seconds. WE would be worried about our clothes, getting wet at an inopportune time, or would be running from the cold water. He took time to feel the different surfaces below his feet- wet concrete, grass, pine cones and mud. He picked up pine cones and threw them to me- he likes to play catch but hasn’t learned how to catch yet, so simply delights in the throw. How often do we take gleeful delight in a task which we don’t know the half of? At one point he stooped down to put his little hand in a pipe, and pulled out a bug- proudly handing it to me as I jumped back.

This went on for about an hour. My wife was up at the garden area pulling weeds from the flowers. I turned on the spiket adjacent and watched. He was very thirsty, but WHO taught him to drink out of a spiket? He figured out how to drink from a pipe in just a few moments. Very trusting of the water, very appreciative it just happened to be there.

What a wonderful world we do live in; we can observe the little things with a little one as they take in every moment as new and exciting; wobbling around the world seemingly without purpose, but with a definite sense of direction, ad hock as it may be. WE need to find again our own fountain of youth, and drink from it unabashed. Who cares if the world is watching us stand in the midst of sprinklers with our cloths on? Let’s commence our aimless wobbling.

water bib


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