Amateur Joy is a term I recently learned from a favorite author. Sometimes we look forward to all big, Big, BIG events- we love the anticipation. Our friends or family will say regarding a recent play or movie “you gotta go!” or may gush with enthusiasm over the latest theme park.

When you think about it, every great event must be followed by an even bigger event. A sequel, or a bigger roller coaster, everything is big, Big, BIG!

We sometimes need to remind ourselves of the sweet experience of amateur joy. My author friend used the likeness of this to a quiet church service, a walk home in the silent night, soup and bread, some old songs with friends around a fire, a warm bed- these sorts of things. The work of amateurs.

I recently had a painting commissioned (by the very talented Glen Hopkinson) surrounding my great, great grandfather, Byron Sessions. I grew up in the town with his name on it (so did the artist). It wasn’t his grandeur for which he was celebrated; it was his soft and faith filled leadership which made everyone feel included. The painting entitled “Sidon Canal at Prayer Rock 1902” has in it our grandchildren, celebrating the water first coming into the Sidon canal which has for over a hundred years now, watered the Big Horn basin of Wyoming. The painting has a story of faith behind it, and shows the celebration of simple, yet powerful things.

It was a neat experience to place the grandchildren on the seat in front of the painting where they are actually painted in. As they grow up, they will be able to closely associate with their heritage as we celebrate the simple, amateur joy that is the most meaningful—-even when compared to the biggest roller coasters in the world.

Grandkids on couch

sidon canal at prayer rock 1902


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