Milestones are the marks we have made in our journey to verify we have indeed traveled in some direction. They may include achievements, new beginnings, personal firsts or bests. Markers are often over or under-rated. They are what they are; however, I would encourage us to make note of milestones that on the surface are not so life changing, but ARE an omen of things to come and perhaps do define who we are or are to become.

Milestones are often prepared for; in other words, they don’t always just happen in the normal course of events. Examples are many, such as scaling Mount Everest, running a marathon, losing ten pounds, writing a book, etc… Preparing for retirement is a big milestone for the baby boomer generation.

I hearken back to the inspired process of  THINK * PLAN * DO. In the case of my grandson, I thought about giving him a Cheezit. Is he old enough? Will his mother approve? I put my action plan into motion, and NOW a milestone has been reached. My grandson has reached a state of nirvana, and I have destroyed the trust of my daughter.

Remember that all milestones are not events that shape our lives forever; but small or large, they should be planned for and remembered (even recorded)… come what may.


Certainly my introduction of Cheezit’s to one of my grandsons was a life changing moment. As you can see in the picture, he was quick to embrace this introduction with gusto. As mentioned, his mother was not so excited, but for me, it was a proud moment.


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