LIVING Through Adversity

A witness to Divine Guidance in Business, Chapter Two of The Ministry of Business:

“How was your day at work honey? Oh it was OK. I moved to a new office recently, and the heating and air conditioning system in my office was not comfortable for me. I like it cool, and I couldn’t get it below 75 degrees. After technicians fiddled with it for a couple of weeks, FINALLY they were able to make me more comfortable.”

I mention this for one reason only, and that is to point out the differences between an annoyance and an adversity.

Sometimes I have to chasten myself for being so darn selfish. It’s not my nature or intent to be selfish, but when an annoyance gives cause for complaint, I have to recalculate my gratitude meter.

I watched our dear friends twenty something year old daughter lose a two year battle to cancer. Her final words to her family “BE a family”. She LIVED through adversity.

I visited my 6 month old grandson in the Children’s Hospital this week. He is wearing a head rap to keep monitors on his head while they perform serious tests—-looks like a gauze helmet with an electronic wire wrap forming a tail behind his head. He smiled at me. He has no idea what is going on, but his parents and grandparents worry. He just keeps smiling and plays with us as if nothing is different. He faces adversity, and he is LIVING through it with a smile. I am humbled in his presence.

Some adversities that we face range from financial, family, or health challenges. They can change our lives in a matter of seconds. Will the adversity change us for the better? Will they make us stronger? How will our posterity be blessed by the way we LIVE through them? How much better do we become when we see, read, or hear about how folks with adversity LIVE through them; even if the adversity doesn’t go away, they march through it with dignity and grace—-not allowing the adversity to diminish them in any way, but rather they “become”, they change in stature, they don’t let the adversity define them.

In chapter one of The Ministry of Business, we discuss a major challenge in our business as we started out. It was a challenge that would have killed most startups. But we had already made the decision to accept God’s will, and to LIVE THROUGH adversity. In doing so, we could see more of God’s Divine plans for us. Had we given up or not prepared ourselves to face adversity with courage and an attitude of gratitude, we would have never experienced what would come later on.

Seeing how my grandson smiled through his challenges taught me that our attitude can truly change our outlook, even in tough times. I have vowed to grow my gratitude and reconsider what is an annoyance vs. an adversity in my life. I don’t want to be whining over an extra five degrees of heat in my office. I don’t want to complain if my French fries are cold. I want to face true adversity with an attitude of gratitude that allows me to LIVE through them. I’ll bet this is an area most could consider.