Little Clarence

My wife and I currently have five grandchildren with one on the way. Each one brings such individual personality and blessings. We love being grandparents. I have challenged each parent to name their son Clarence, after my late father. They all say they will think about it as they go into the other room and release their pent up laughter.

Obviously, the name of their child is entirely up to them. Whether they remain in the will is entirely up to us, Just kidding. Just this past week, we saw another possible “Clarence” coming our way. We were presented with a picture:

“Little Clarence”

Now who can look upon the miracle of creation, especially your own flesh and blood, and not dream of the world they will enjoy. The anticipation builds as they near their earthly entry and experience. We can’t wait to hold them, smell them, and be with them.

This picture is a reminder of what matters most. As we develop our plans to change the world—NOTHING changes the world more than wonderful children who enter the world and are embraced by a loving family. Whether you are a parent, uncle, aunt, cousin, or friend, the newness of life never gets old.

As I pondered chapter nine in The Ministry of Business regarding the unseen difference—-I thought “Creating life in God’s way, certainly qualifies at the highest level of creating a success that changes the world”. If you ponder the four points in application and relevance, all apply when a new life is created and enters the world. Perhaps little Clarence will yet arrive.


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