Entry Contributed by Steven A. Hitz

For many years, both Jim and I have kept personal life lessons blogs; with a variety of topics from airplane adventures to colonoscopies (Jim’s blog).  Jim’s life lessons have not been posted on a blog spot until now; mine have been posted for a few years.  We hope you enjoy our personal life lessons, but in addition we are creating a blog specifically for The Ministry of Business.  We hope you enjoy all of these blogs and look forward to sharing openly the things that matter most (as least to us—ha!).  Additionally, from time to time, we will invite a guest blog.

Let us explain the purpose of The Ministry of Business blog.  It will enhance the teachings of TMOB, give you up to date info on Launching Leaders and give on-going relevant training and experiences.  In this first blog, we want to introduce you to our website and how to use it.

The pictures throughout the website include those found in the book (we paid bucoo bucks for these pictures, we hope you enjoy themJ).  You will want to purchase and read the book to gain insights as to the meaning behind the pictures and the stories told.  The quotes to the left of the large home page picture has teasers for the public; when one clicks on “read more” it expands the idea and gives the chapter to which more can be learned from TMOB.  The pictures, quotes and small teaser segments are powerful in and of themselves, but nothing will take the place of reading the book.

Under the “Support” tab, are pictures of those who have endorsed the first edition of the book.  Many more have also offered endorsements and we will continue to expand these reviews for your reading pleasure.  Endorsements are instrumental to the success of the book; most folks enjoy learning what those of prominence think of the book and its teachings.  We hope it encourages folks to take the next step and get a copy of their own. 

When you click on “Subscribe”, you can hook up with our blog and the video’s we load in.  The videos are powerful teaching moments and testimonials which were born from experiences with the book and Launching Leaders, (the program/curriculum arm of TMOB).  You can sign up to receive automatic updates.  They can be linked to your face book page as well.  Please take the time to “like” our face book page and share your comments.  Besides getting TMOB blog, you may also sign up for Steve’s Life Lessons Blog and Jim’s life Lessons Blog as well.

The “Shop” tab is just that, a show room for the products associated with TMOB.  You may purchase a paperback, hardcover, the special DVD (The New Zealand Experience) or download the e-book.  Just follow the clicks to complete the purchases.  It is very important to understand that each purchase assists in moving the Launching Leaders program forward as the profits from this endeavor go toward it.

Click on “Launching Leaders” to gain insights to the program itself.  The 12 week program is life-changing to say to say the least.   Learn exactly how The Ministry of Business and Launching Leaders are tied together, and how together they are assisting anyone who partakes in the program to recognize and achieve their Divine potential.  Send us an e-mail if you are interested in putting together a program for your group.

Each month you can expect to see two new video’s posted to TMOB You Tube account, and two new blogs (alternating weeks) that expand upon the lessons to be learned.

It’s just the beginning!  Where do we expect this journey to go?  Where ever the Lord allows us to take it.  World-wide is our vision; one step at a time; not for personal accolades, but to change lives for the better.  Thank you for participating in this very worthy cause.

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